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 The Blessing of the Library

Happy Thanksgiving!

Knowledge is power. This no one denies, but how many realize that the gateway to said knowledge is quite accessible? Probably a lot of people, especially in the United States where access to mediums of immense knowledge is readily available. Be it a local library, bookstore, or electronic device, all it takes to dive into the never-ending journey for information is a bit of willpower to read and listen.

Frankly, if I utilized all the time I spent in Skullgirls, YouTube, and the like to read books or watch documentaries, I’d be the smartest man in the 5-foot radius around myself.

Apparently, I already am!

OK, I’ve always enjoyed reading, but I never really took advantage of my libraries. I would head to one maybe once or twice a year and read sci-fi on my own while basking in the Literature selections and assignments I had to read and complete. At least I remember some of the stories.

In 2014-15, I read some of my most memorable books, which is most definitely because they made my mind explode with space and fantasy imagery. (I also liked cats a lot >-0) I could not place Erin Hunter or that book titled “MINRS” down before catching some Zs. Unfortunately, I haven’t read a title from Hunter in a long while, and although I do not see myself picking up “MINRS 2” as I so eagerly wanted to read it back then, I should definitely do it now that I’m getting back into the public library swing of things.

Lately, I’ve been reading “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell—a title I think everyone ought to read—, and have been reading “Neon Genesis Evangelion” on the side when the books I placed on hold decide to finish their 2 month trip around Georgia. (Inefficient local institutions, eh?) At least the former was already available at my library! Before that, I read “Plan of Attack” by Bob Woodward, which I enjoyed. I can now say I generally know what happened in his war room after the 9/11 tragedy.

Now you, the reader, may not take anything of value more than 2 cents from this article, but I leave you with this: visit your local library and start reading because you know you have the time.

Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward.

You learn to write and you learn to read!