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JUL 14 @ 8:13PM - OMEGA GIGA

 How to Download a Cerebella Player

When confronted with the issue of a solo Cerebella (or a team that so happens to have her, but solo for simplicity's sake), it is easy for one to want to panic. Do not panic. There is no reason to panic. Instead, there are proper ways to succeed upon the incitement of violence by a Cerebella.

These include:

  • Taking note of the most common actions performed on round-start; You want to see if they attempt to rush down on you, or back away.
  • Zoning for quite a bit to see if they will attempt to reflect any projectiles; This is to make sure that the Cerebella is awful at avoiding the zone.
  • If you are a character with the ability to fly, don't let the lady catch you.
  • Punish her charges; Squigly is great at this.
  • Delete her; Why can't you die!?

So it's that simple?

Indeed! By following these easy tips, you too can destroy all the Cerebellas in the galaxy. No longer will the hat-head ladies bother man. She is not a problem anymore. Do not fear.

Besides, wouldn't you want the best for yourself? Did not the doctor say 6 months, yet the clock says 90 seconds? Go now, do not reflect on yourself, but blame the beast; the Cerebella!

Cerebella's action shot.

Quit clownin' around!