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FEB 11 @ 9:15AM - OMEGA GIGA

 On the Recent Pink Beams Around New York City

Hey guise, the Cock hoire.

These toims have soitently been rough for New Yoikers! I mean, the rats and stuff are foine, but some weird substance keeps hittin' people in the streets.

Word's up that Big Boind's on the case and has rising sus-factor of some punk named Brain Drain. Sounds like a stinkaugh, but that's his problem, whatever.

So anyways, guise, I know what's goin' on because I have coinnections, see? I'm goin' to be firuhd 'cause I knows the government hates me big time and corruption among those peoples, see? I blame FDR.

So, basically, some bolt-brain from Brain Drain—I guess they boths are bolty, thoughs—can shoot lazoirs and whatnot, but she's koinda stoooi-ped, see?

Professionalism? Kiss moi latissimus dorsi which encases the rector spinae and aids in elevation of arms among other thoings.

I'm a moinor, what'd you expect? (Essentially, kiss her back?!)

Robo-Fortune at Bliss Mountain.

Excitement! [It's] Garbage Day!