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NOV 24 @ 11:58AM - OMEGA GIGA

 Revisiting Animal Crossing: City Folk


I first played Animal Crossing many years ago on the Nintendo Wii, and it was a blast. I had wanted to play the game so much that I went and emulated Wild World while I waited for Christmas that year. (The emulation was naturally slow, but the computer was not forgiving either.)

Placing the disc in the console, I let Rover do his talking. Keystone was the name of my town, and Sam was my persona. For the next 4 years, I milked the game dry as best I could; with no friends, might I add. Amongst Alfonso, Lilly, Stitches, and villagers with hair (bleh), I performed demanding fossil tasks, but never cared for the flowers. Picking the three new weeds each day until I ran out of projects to fund and Gracie sets to buy, I came to an ultimatum. It was time to play New Leaf.

Now, hear me out, I love New Leaf and all the fun new things it houses (and I still play it to this day), but this year I decided to come back to City Folk and start anew. (New town: Lowee) Indeed, I have Keystone saved on the cloud; but, faced with a new journey, I essentially forgot what it was like playing City Folk, and boy do I still love it! From the more variable attitudes of the villagers (slightly less rude than Population Growing, but far greater than what New Leaf/Horizons provides), harder tasks to complete, and the fact that they will sometimes give you bells for completing said tasks, this version of Animal Crossing is one I certainly am thankful for. (Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!)

Of course, I have some misgivings, such as the lack of dialogue compared to that of even older titles, the size of the wardrobes, and the museum system, but these are generally tolerable.

Anyway, pop this game in your Wii—on a CRT if you have one— and enjoy!

Keystone before I wiped it.